About Us

Dolio Winery owner and winemaker, Don Klase, and Abby in Dolio vineyard

Why a winery?

Why not? We were looking for something that would make our lives more complicated and add more work to our daily schedule. No boredom here.

A certain someone on the team leaves no stone unturned. Our history at this property includes Highland cattle, draft (BIG) horses, an orchard that the crows loved, goats, sheep, chicken and dogs.

After the livestock moved on for various reasons, we planted vines, obtained Oenology Certificates through Washington State University and here we are!

The entire winemaking process from planting grapes to pouring a glass of our wine is truly gratifying.

PS We still have a few fruit trees and you’re likely to find a German Shorthaired Pointer or two working alongside us in the vineyard.

Why Italian varietals?

We love Italian wine!

Think of an Italian meal.  Picture friends and family gathered around the kitchen table with fresh ingredients, inviting aromas, laughter and delicious wine.

Italian wines shine as single varietals. Blending is not required to achieve an outstandingly delicious and approachable wine. That being said, we do like to experiment with unexpected blends.

No need to worry. Italian wines pair well with whatever you’re craving.


Italian varietals at Dolio Winery including Dolcetto, Barbera, Sangiovese, Primitivo and Nebbiolo
Filled wine barrels inside Dolio Winery's barrel room

Winemaking Style

Our guiding principle is to let the grapes shine. Interfere as little as possible. Be unique.

All Dolio wines are produced onsite from carefully tended Washington grown grapes.  Our winemaker consistently researches best practices and thoughtfully blends art and science, along with traditional and innovative processes, to achieve the highest quality wines.

Dolio Winery Timeline

First vineyard cuttings planted

Dolio Winery established

First commercial crush
Produced two award-winning wines

Oenology program through Washington State University

Tasting room built
Doors opened in December

Dolio Winery Tasting Room with rainbow